Florida Springs Restoration Summit: November 1-4, 2018, Ocala, FL

We need your help to make meaningful springs restoration and long-term protection a reality. We encourage organizations, businesses, agencies, and other interested parties to show their support for springs by becoming a sponsor. The cost to attend the Springs Summit has been kept low to encourage participation by members of the public and nonprofit organizations.

2018 Funding Support

Funding generously provided by  the Jelks Family Foundation and the Protect Florida Springs license plate through the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida

2018 Summit Sponsors

2nd Magnitude

Lunch Sponsor - Our Santa Fe River

5th Magnitude

Center for Biological Diversity,

Center for Earth Jurisprudence,

Ichetucknee Alliance, Silver Springs Alliance,

Suwannee-St. John's Group Sierra Club

and Villages Environmental Discussions Group


2018 Sponsorship Levels & Exclusive Opportunities

For more information about sponsoring the 2018 Florida Springs Restoration Summit, please contact FloridaSpringsCouncil@gmail.com.



Exclusive Opportunities

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